Research delivers results: poultry farmers share their stories

Mr Madai, his wife and father. (Photo Credit: M Young KYEEMA)
Thursday, 22 November 2012

Two decades ago, ACIAR and AusAID funded research into developing and using thermotolerant vaccines to protect poultry against Newcastle disease (ND). The ND (I-2) vaccine has been rolled out in many countries around the world. This work has delivered exceptionally high socio-economic returns and outcomes on the ground.

The KYEEMA Foundation has provided a series of stories about Tanzanian poultry farmers and the positive ways the vaccine has impacted their lives.

Photo Credit M Young KYEEMA

Mr Madai was among the first in his community to adopt the vaccine. He has seen his chicken population rise from 5 to 150! Together with nine of his neighbours (four women and six men) he has formed a small group, each raising 50 to 100 birds to produce eggs commercially. Read more about his story.

Photo Credit S Ingleton 360° Films

Read the stories of dedicated Community Vaccinators who walk kilometers between villages to administer the vaccine in the form of an eye drop to each chicken: Paulina Lundery, Miraji Athumani Mohamed, and Asha Ramadhani.

Photo Credit M Young KYEEMA

Beatice Mtinda is a poultry farmer who has seem improvements in nutrition in her community. In the past it was common to see children with swollen bellies due to kwashiorkor. Since the vaccination began she has observed increased consumption of eggs by poultry farmers and a willingness by non-farmers to buy eggs. Read her story.

Photo Credit M Young KYEEMA

Mr. Theophilus Ishengoma Kihemba is a Principal Livestock Officer who has been overseeing the vaccination program and analysing vaccination data. Read more about his work.