Our approach

The AIFSRC’s main approach to achieving its mission is through partnerships.

In particular, we will work to develop new and enduring partnerships at the local, national and regional level across social, economic and political contexts, and to build strategic linkages between the deliverers of research and the deliverers of extension.

The following principles have been developed through consultation and will guide our program and project development:

  • Accelerate delivery and adoption of innovations
  • Address identified in-country needs and align with regional priorities
  • Address an identified gap in existing agricultural research for development
  • Provide opportunities for leveraging off existing work
  • Be undertaken in AIFSC priority countries
  • Provide opportunities for co-investment, in particular with private sector partners
  • Encourage south-south institutional support
  • Establish long-term partnerships with the national institutions, private sector and NGO’s, etc
  • Be fully embedded in partner institutions
  • Clearly identify key stakeholders (direct and indirect) who match AIFSC beneficiaries
  • Identify and ensure successful pathways to adoption and impact
  • Consider full pathway of change (from agricultural inputs, practices, value chain, to food access and policies)
  • Facilitate community empowerment and capacity building
  • Have cross-region country applicability
  • Focus on gender mainstreaming
  • Focus on socio-economic policy research
  • Provide opportunities for where Australian comparative advantage can have impact.