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Adoption Pathways

Policy Brief 1 - Food security as a gender issue: Why are female-headed households worse off compared to similar male-headed counterparts?

Policy Brief 2 - Give and Take: Tackling trade-offs in crop residue use for conservation agriculture in Kenya

Policy Brief 3 - Sustainable Agricultural Intensification in Ethiopia: Achieving maximum impact through adoption of suites of technologies

Policy Brief 4 - Sustainable Agricultural Intensification through Multi-technology Adoption: A Regional Overview from East and Southern Africa

Policy Brief 5 - Low Risk, High Returns: How adoption of crop diversification and minimum tillage is a win-win for smallholder farmers in Malawi

Policy Brief 6 - Improved Maize Varieties and Housefold Food Security: Achieving impact in Tanzania

Poultry and Crop Project

Using a One Health approcah to promote food and nutrition security in Tanzania and Zambia

Scoping Studies

Assessing reserach priorities for blue water use in food production

Farming systems and food security in Africa; Priorities for science and policy under rapid global change

Strategic foresight to inform investment for food security in Sub-Saharan Africa

Strengthening food security through family poultry and crop integration

A landcare-based approach to food security - full report

A landcare-based approach to food security - summary

A preliminary study to improve income and nutrition in eastern and southern Africa by enhancing vegetable-based farming and food systems

Biosecurity scoping study



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