Consultations between African and Australian partners were held in 2012, informing the strategic direction of the AIFSRC. Their aim was to reinforce the AIFSRC strategic focus, solidify food security priorities, identify where the Centre can best add value and seek early partnership opportunities at a range of levels.

A national-level consultation with Australian stakeholders held in January 2012 helped identify Australia’s comparative agricultural research advantages of value to African food security challenges. Read more about Australia’s role.

A consultation hosted by the Forum for Agricultural Research in Agriculture (FARA) in Ghana during February 2012 provided an understanding of African needs and gaps. This consultation identified a number of priorities from a smallholder focus, aligned to the African Union’s Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP).  These priorities were instrumental in the development of the AIFSRC Strategy. Download a copy of the report (File size 4.23 MB).

When the AIFSC returned to Ghana in July 2012 to presents its strategy to FARA its Executive Director Prof Monty Jones congratulated the Centre on its vision and said

FARA looks forward to partnering closely with the AIFSC to promote food security and poverty reduction in Africa.

Consultations through workshops and targeted meetings throughout 2012 further informed the development of our program areas. This inclusive approach aims to cultivate enduring, long-term partnerships—a key principle of the AIFSRC.

An international conference Food Security in Africa: Bridging Research and Practice was held in Sydney on 29-30 November 2012. The conference formalised the Australia–Africa research partnerships and the strategic priorities of the AIFSRC.